Hidden Island (432 EDM Remixes) by Pasha 808

I’m happy to announce my latest album release on 8.11.18, which coincidentally happened on a New Moon and my daughter’s 5 months! You can find it here: Spotify / Amazon / Apple Music / Tidal 432 Hz music in uplifting and energetic EDM remix style featuring organic elements…

Hidden Island [Trance Remix] (432 Hz)

Hidden Island (432 Hz) [Trance Remix] by Pasha 808 from the 2017 Album: 432Hz Dance Music Uplifting trance remix by Pasha 808. This is one of the first songs I’ve ever written and produced. Believe it or not, I started working on it more…

Trip to Paradise (432 Hz) Uplifting Trance

Trip to Paradise (432Hz Trance Mix) by Pasha. Official video – filmed on iPhone 4! lol (minus underwater part)).. Uplifting, positive trance in 432 Hz! Remix of “Trip to Paradise (432 Hz Mix).”