Hidden Island (432 EDM Remixes) by Pasha 808

I’m happy to announce my latest album release on 8.11.18, which coincidentally happened on a New Moon and my daughter’s 5 months! You can find it here: Spotify / AmazonApple Music / Tidal

432 Hz music in uplifting and energetic EDM remix style featuring organic elements and melodic vocals, third eye opening lyrics on the backdrop of heavy trance and dancehall beats that create a world of it’s own.

This is the release for which I officially had to change title to. Basically I removed “Hz” from the title and replaced “dance music” with “Hidden Island” and then it was luckily accepted. So just to be clear, the original title was supposed to be “432Hz Dance Music: Part 2.”

They told me I can’t write “432 Hz” anywhere! So I felt like I got censored. Or more like “432 Hz” got censored and so people looking for 432 Hz won’t as likely to find it.

I’m happy that they didn’t ask to remove “432” since I was hoping people looking for 432 Hz would still be able to find if it said 432… hopefully.

There’s even a FREE music download of one of my tracks from the EP!

In any case it officially out on it’s second release date of 8.11.18 and it’s a blessing!

You can find it here: Spotify / AmazonApple Music / Tidal and others

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