432 Hz CENSORED by the Music Industry!

The term “432 Hz” is officially censored by some big players in the music industry. I know it’s shocking, but on July 21, 2018 I was notified by CDBaby (a music distributor) via email that my latest EP will not be delivered to their “partners” i.e. iTunes, Google, Amazon, Spotify, etc. because their partners no longer allow 432 Hz to appear anywhere on the album! So now apparently album titles and song names may not contain 432 Hz.

First thing I thought was that it’s a violation of my right to Freedom of Speech. Not allowing me to title my latest EP  “432 Hz Dance Music (Part 2)” because it says 432 Hz is censorship! It’s not offensive or misleading, so why would they do that! I think because 432 Hz music’s been trending and awareness is growing so fast that “the powers that be” (TPTB) don’t want more listeners to discover 432 Hz  TPTB enjoy the status quo of control and the socio-psychological results from 440 Hz dissonance.

Because of this censorship, my new EP release date already passed, but I will no doubt release this EP in August 2018! So stay tuned!

The good thing is that my EP will be released even if I have to change the titles. The bad thing is that listeners who are looking for new 432 Hz music will have a hard time finding it and telling the difference between standard music and 432 Hz.

As a musician I’ve used “432 Hz” labeling to distinguish my music from standard mixes and make it clear to listeners that the track they are listing to is in 432 Hz. To some listeners (like myself!) this is an important distinction. Otherwise it’s really hard to tell that a particular track is 432 Hz.

Stay tuned for my latest (censored) EP coming out in August 2018!

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