Hidden Island (432 EDM Remixes) by Pasha 808

I’m happy to announce my latest album release on 8.11.18, which coincidentally happened on a New Moon and my daughter’s 5 months! You can find it here: Google Play / Spotify / Amazon / Apple Music / Tidal and others 432 Hz music in uplifting and energetic EDM remix style featuring…

FREE Music Download!

Get your free music download of my latest EDM remix right here. It’s 100% legal and safe. It’s in 432 Hz tuning! 🙂 This free music download is… FOR PERSONAL LISTENING AND PLAYING IN PUBLIC IS OK. DJ, RADIO OK. NO RE-UPLOAD, NO ADAPTATIONS,…

432 Hz CENSORED by the Music Industry!

The term “432 Hz” is officially censored by some big players in the music industry. I know it’s shocking, but on July 21, 2018 I was notified by CDBaby (a music distributor) via email that my latest EP will not be delivered to their…

Pasha 808 – Sunrise [432 Hz] Dance Music Remix

Brand new 2018 EDM music remix! Pasha 808 – Sunrise [432 Hz] Dance Remix Exclusive YouTube preview! A little bit of trance mixed with a little bit of dancehall! Stay tuned for more fresh music in 432 Hz!!

Trip to Paradise (432 Hz) Uplifting Trance

Trip to Paradise (432Hz Trance Mix) by Pasha. Official video – filmed on iPhone 4! lol (minus underwater part)).. Uplifting, positive trance in 432 Hz! Remix of “Trip to Paradise (432 Hz Mix).”