one love bob marley pasha

Art has been a large part of my life as an outward expression of my inner visions. Above: “Eternal Star” acrylic on cardboard. I was 15 when I drew this Bob Marley painting. I wasn’t making music yet and had no clue how to play the guitar back then.. lol 😀

Above is a sped up video recording of my latest oil painting “Diamond Head” which I gave to my dad for his 50th birthday.

Deneutralization Pasha new art

“Deneutralization (Eve’s Vision)” oil on canvas 2013.

Deneutralization is my largest and most symbolically significant oil painting to date. I started it in 2001 only to be finished 12 years later. It went through transformations as shown. Deneutralization spent most of it’s days in stored away, untouched for years. Now it is finished.

I made many sketches to help myself develop the grand vision as well as symbolic elements and details of Deneutralization before I started working it into canvas. Here are some of them.

Deneutralization depicts the moment Eve bit from the Fruit of Knowledge of Good and evil. The name Deneutralization is an event that resembles the loss of a neutral state – a state in which the human race was de-neutralized. The human race was in a neutral state in the Garden of Eden not knowing the polar opposites of Good and evil. The Original Sin, as some may call it, deneutralized the human race.

It was a necessary step in the spiritual and intellectual evolution of the human race needed to create Homo Sapiens Sapiens because without it we would be blind not knowing Good and evil. This step really did open our eyes, such as in the case of Prometheus stealing the Fire from Zeus and giving it to the Human Race for it was the fire of Knowledge that upgraded Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Indeed, Knowledge is power, but it will be Wisdom to righteously use the power of knowledge that will create the Homo Luminus or the race and the age of enlightened beings known by some as the Age of Aquarius, The Millennial Reign, the Golden Age, Christ’s/God’s Rule, and Satya Yuga.

Perhaps some people in this world have lost the knowledge of the difference between Good and evil. Perhaps they lost the fire of Prometheus, the Fruit of Knowledge. In such case they’ve taken a step backwards. They are devolving instead of evolving. How will they reach the Tree of Life when they are moving away from it through their evil actions?

Below are my other works of art some as early as 10 y.o. I drew most of them before I started being interested in music production and the guitar.