Hidden Island [Trance Remix] (432 Hz)

Hidden Island (432 Hz) [Trance Remix] by Pasha 808 from the 2017 Album: 432Hz Dance Music
Uplifting trance remix by Pasha 808.

This is one of the first songs I’ve ever written and produced. Believe it or not, I started working on it more than 10 years ago. And for the most of that time it was unfinished until 2017! Of course, it went through a songwriting evolution and a music style evolution.

Originally started writing this song as a Reggae song in Santa Barbara, California. That’s when I had the chords, melody, and main lyrics figured out.

The evolution of lyrics continued all the way to Honolulu, Hawaii – a true island, where I completed “Hidden Island” in a Reggae format and then remixed it in a dance style. The Reggae version became part of the live performance set with my Reggae band. A real fun song to play!

Towards the middle of 2017 I finished off the production work putting all the pieces together for the Reggae version.

After that, I was compelled to remix the Reggae version into a EDM trance, dance version in 432 Hz, of course.

So here we are at the end of 2017 and the Hidden Island [Trance Remix] is on YouTube! ..

.. and unfortunately music pirate sites that are not authorized to have it!

It’s ironic it appeared there first! I mean THE WHOLE ALBUM of 11 songs appeared first in pirate sites before appearing on legitimate sites like Amazon, Google Music, Spotify, iTunes, etc.!

It blows my mind!

How dare they take copyright material without permission and give it away for free without artist’s consent?

Do they not realize blood, sweat, and tears went into this? Coming from INDEPENDENT ARTISTS who don’t make millions or thousands like mainstream sellouts! They think it’s OK to take the shirt of the back from Artists who don’t make a living wage from their music?

Anyways, I hope you like my song and support it by legally downloading it or streaming it.

Thank you,

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  1. That is interesting post for me.
    I added your website into my favourites!
    Keep up good work! Looking forward for future updates!


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