Invisible to Eyes

Lyrics by Pasha © 2018 P. Yushin

Open your third eye
Yes open your third eye
Invisible to eyes we will rise again so high
And if you’re gonna follow my rhyme
You’ll be following my cry
Through the fire that’s burnin’ inside
And it’s burnin’ up so bright
Showing visions of cyclical time
That we’re livin’ in this life
So open your third eye
Only then we can rise so high
Our soul will never die
On the wings of a dove it can fly
Invisible to eyes our minds are stars at night
Too far for them to find
Too far for them to find too high for them to climb
Too deep for them to dive too hard for them to try
Invisible to eyes!
I’m the river that’s passing us by
Through the ocean inside of your mind
Purifying the water of life
Multiplying the truth in our time
I’m the fire that burns through the sky
I’m the lightning that strikes from the high
On the wings that will grow when I die
Only then we can rise so high