Snowboarding in Hawaii

Music: Conversion of Creation Artist: Pasha

We took a short hike up to the peak elevation 13,796 ft. It was tough to breath especially while moving due to lack of oxygen at such a high elevation. I started seeing neon blues at one point. It was an interesting visual experience, as well as a spiritual. The people up there were super nice with aloha. It was an incredible blessing to be up there.

DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS unless you’re crazy like me. This was my first and hopefully not the last time doing this. I wish I had a snowboard, so I had to improvise with a bodyboard rental. There are no lifts on Mauna Kea volcano with 30% less oxygen at the peak elevation 13,796 feet (4205m), so it’s definitely not for everyone. Snow cover was unpredictable with lots of exposed and unexposed rocks.

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